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Greg Pruitt and his wife, Dianne, have been in the building industry for over 13 years. 


Greg Pruitt and his wife Dianne have been in the building industry for over 13 years, in 2005 they opened up Rock-Crete Foam Insulators, Inc. At that time there was no one within 100 miles providing spray foam for homes and business.

Electricity and gas was not real expensive at the time and the building industry and the economy was booming.

Greg likes to say, “We saw the hand writing on the wall.” Gas was beginning to go up and we knew electricity was not far behind. Remember all of the black and brown-outs?

After spending two months researching products and companies, Greg was fully convinced that spray foam was a leading edge market that he should be in. He contacted the leading supplier at the time Demilec, and became a pioneer in this industry. At that time no one in the Brazos Valley and hardly anyone even in Houston had even heard of foam insulation or a sealed attic or crawl space.

In the early day, every person had to be convinced and sold. There were no DIY shows or Home Improvement shows touting the benefits of foam. Well Greg rolled up his sleeves, learned as much as possible about the product and application techniques, and became the Guru of foam he is today. Very often people call him to get his advice on how apply foam to a certain project.

Greg says, “It has been a rewarding journey, and we sure do appreciate all of those initial customers that had faith in us and the product we were selling. Today, Quadrant Foam is the product we like and promote.

Originally, Aaron, Greg and Dianne’s son helped out by learning to spray the product, but then went on to satisfy his desire to become a salesman. Greg and Bobby Housley did the selling, and even Greg’s daughter Celeste sold part time. Celeste still does occasionally sell a job for the company, but Greg realized that foam was becoming the mainstay and was requiring more of his time, so around 2011; Greg turned his attention away from building homes to insulating them. What has occurred is a very healthy business that provides great service to people form Bryan/College Station to Huntsville, The Woodlands, Houston and the surrounding areas. 

Rock-Crete Foam Insulators has so many satisfied customers; they do most of the selling. 

  • Most of our customers are happy to talk about the foam insulation and the cheaper electricity bills. 
  • They are happy to talk about quieter and more dust free environment to raise their families. 

Rock-Crete has serviced everywhere from Bryan, College Station, Caldwell, Huntsville, Navasota, Franklin, Normangee, Hempstead, Spring, Houston and all of its surrounding cities, and many more cities. 

They are willing to travel to your town to help you save money too!

When it comes to savings, Rock-Crete can even guarantee it. 

Rock-Crete even has a guarantee program that can guarantee the energy savings on new homes. Greg’s crews are the few in the industry that go the extra mile to provide a really sealed house, it takes more time and more supplies, but the caulking we do does make a difference in really sealing the house. As a person that spent several years building homes, and then became very interested in the house as a system, he can explain in plain terms how the air conditioning is effected and put you on the right track to getting the “Right Sized “ HVAC system that you need.

Cost, many times if the house in between 3000-4000 feet, the price of foam is break even. Ask Greg to explain this!

If you are looking for a company that prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of technology and innovation along with standing behind our products with a guarantee that the work will be performed professionally, Rock-Crete Foam Insulators, Inc. stands ready to educate about the process and perform in a timely manner. Unlike the many other companies that come and go, Rock-Crete had stood the test of time. They look forward to serving you! 

Rock-Crete remains a stalwart player in the industry. 

We have grown, now with two rigs on the road and three crews to supply your insulation needs. 

Our prices have stayed competitive and we are determined to remain the strongest player in the spray foam industry for this area.

We currently offer open cell foam, closed cell foam and pour in place foam. 

Rock-Crete spends most of its time working on the inside of structures but we alos do outside work on tanks and roofs.

For a company that prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of technology and innovation along with standing behind our products with a guarantee that the work will be preformed professionally, we stand ready to educate about the process and perform in a timely manner.

We Proudly Serve The Following Areas

Anderson, TX Atascocita, TX Bastrop, TX Bedias, TX Brenham, TX
Brookshire, TX Bryan, TX Buffalo, TX Caldwell, TX Cameron, TX
Carmine, TX Centerville, TX Cleveland, TX College Station, TX Conroe, TX
Crockett, TX Fayetteville, TX Franklin, TX Giddings, TX Groesbeck, TX
Groveton, TX Hearne, TX Hempstead, TX Huntsville, TX Jersey Village, TX
Jewett, TX Katy, TX Kurten, TX Lagrange, TX Lexington, TX
Livingston, TX Madisonville, TX Marquet, TX Milano, TX Navasota, TX
New Ulm, TX Normangee, TX North Zulch, TX Onalaska, TX Plantersville, TX
Roans Prairie, TX Rockdale, TX Rosenberg, TX Roundtop, TX Sealy, TX
Shepherd, TX Smithville, TX Snook, TX Somerville, TX Stoneham, TX
The Woodlands, TX Trinity, TX

Efficiency & Advancement

Foam insulation seals the building envelope against airborne pollutants like; dust, allergens, odors and other pollutants. Foam insulation allows air management to be designed so that the indoor air quality is actually healthier than outside air.

Comfort & Savings

With foam insulation, we can reduce the heating/cooling needs by about 70 percent on a new home, and approximately 30 percent or more on an existing home. Foam, when applied, seals off every nook and cranny while fiberglass cannot.

Environmentally Friendly

Foam insulation is environmentally friendly. It contains no ozone-destroying chemicals and its high efficiency enables buildings to be heated or cooled with the least possible consumption of the natural resources required to produce energy.