Not ready for Foam insulation or a sealed Attic Assembly?  Cellulose is the next best alternative!  Unlike blown fiberglass Stabilized Cellulose, is sprayed with a slight amount of water mist, which activates a glue in our premium Applegate Cellulose insulation product. This product is different from the similar products that are sold in the big box stores. Our Applegate Cellulose product is much cleaner and has the slight amount of glue mixed in.  Rock-Crete Foam Insulators offers only the best insulation products, and we only install in the proper manner which is considered dust free.  We have seen many seasoned contractors just blow the product, but and not use the water attachment.  If it is worth doing, do what is right.  The customer is paying for the product to be done right!  Cellulose can even be sprayed over the white leaky fiberglass.  When you do this, it actually makes the “R” value of the Fiberglass begin to work properly.  Cellulose is a great alternative and is inexpensive!  

We recently sprayed a job in North Zulch for Ms. Rogers with our Applegate cellulose.  She was ecstatic with our easy her home was to keep warm afterward.  So if you have a small home or budget and want to make it more comfortable without breaking the bank, we will be glad to help you.  Call Greg at 979-229-3493.


We Proudly Serve The Following Areas

Anderson, TX Atascocita, TX Bastrop, TX Bedias, TX Brenham, TX
Brookshire, TX Bryan, TX Buffalo, TX Caldwell, TX Cameron, TX
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Shepherd, TX Smithville, TX Snook, TX Somerville, TX Stoneham, TX
The Woodlands, TX Trinity, TX

Efficiency & Advancement

Foam insulation seals the building envelope against airborne pollutants like; dust, allergens, odors and other pollutants. Foam insulation allows air management to be designed so that the indoor air quality is actually healthier than outside air.

Comfort & Savings

With foam insulation, we can reduce the heating/cooling needs by about 70 percent on a new home, and approximately 30 percent or more on an existing home. Foam, when applied, seals off every nook and cranny while fiberglass cannot.

Environmentally Friendly

Foam insulation is environmentally friendly. It contains no ozone-destroying chemicals and its high efficiency enables buildings to be heated or cooled with the least possible consumption of the natural resources required to produce energy.